Whitest Whites

My apologies for not posting, but I have been all consumed with my glorious vacation in Oysterville, Washington.
Oysterville is on Long Beach is a large sandbar off the cost of Washington State. We rented a house in Oysterville (at the end of Long Beach), as a side note the full time year round population of Oysterville…9. That is right just 9 people live here year round. There are several summer home owners and visitors, but only 9 lucky people call this their home year round. It is beautiful here and peaceful. There is no rat race and I find myself napping, playing games with my children and taking in every sound, sight and smell. It is glorious!

But is it so wonderful because in two days I will be back home and back to the craziness of my job and life? Do we need stress and a hectic schedule to appreciate peace and quite. My question is do the people in Oysterville, all 9 of them, really know what they have here, or are they bored out of their minds. People always have a tendency to say, I do it myself, “I could never live here.”

Is that true, or is that what we tell ourselves so we will return to our responsibilities instead of trying to make a peaceful small town work for us. Do we crave the rat race? Do we need it? Why? I think we disguise this race as “stimulation”, “culture”, “urban life” and yet at the end of our life isn’t playing games with our children and the smell of our loved ones the only things that will matter? Hmmm, I will have to think about this more.

I will post more about Oysterville tomorrow, but for now the smell of clams calls me to the table. That is all from the laundry room (there is one here in the rental too) for tonight.

Cool Summer Sheets!

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  1. My grandma lived between Long Beach & Ocean Park. I loved the beach and have wonderful memories of growing up by the ocean!

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