Small Load

Well after my incredibly long post yesterday I am in the mood for something short and sweet tonight.

It is Saturday Night and hot as hell here in Phoenix, Arizona. My children are with their grandmother and while I miss them I have enjoyed some time with just my man and with myself. We have spent time going to new restaurants and hanging out. It has been nice, but I am really ready for the craziness of having 3 children to kick in again. There is something comforting in having everyone home and also the movement of our life.

I sometimes gets crazy when I read the same page in my book 5 times because I keep falling asleep at night from exhaustion, or I have to reschedule my hair appointment 3 times, but when all the cards are in, I would not have it any other way. Raising children and trying to keep a relationship alive is hard work, but good, tired at the end of the day work. It has been a nice break and I enjoy having time to myself (keeps you from completely losing your mind), but I am rested now, so let the games begin.

We are leaving for a one week vacation to Oysterville, WA. I will be sure to report on the happenings from Oysterville. It is on Long Beach and Michael (my man) found this great beach house for us to rent. To see more about Oysterville go to ( Should be a lot of fun. Games, walks, movies and of course…Oysters. That is really all for tonight from the laundry room, just basking in my good fortune and looking forward to my vacation.

Sweet Dreams!

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