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Shirt Tails

Live like you’re dying, but never take yourself too seriously.  Well, which is it? I’ve read myself onto a long balance beam. I need to focus, be serious enough to watch my step and carefully plan my trip from one stop to another.  I need to believe in myself, give myself credit, stop caring what…

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Strong Fibers

I have only been scared a handful of times in my life.  Of those, I was only terrified once. I’ve stood up for my family or friends, but I’ve never moved a mountain, led a cause.  I’m not sure one has presented itself to me.  I’m certain I have never sought one out.  I’ve never…

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Under Armor

We are What We Believe Ourselves to Be. I have these little quotes, word groups, prophetic prose, that I print and magnet up on the board behind my computer. I face a wall in my office, so I try to make it a pretty wall.  These little statements usually change every week.  Sometimes they are…

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