Under Armor

We are What We Believe Ourselves to Be.

I have these little quotes, word groups, prophetic prose, that I print and magnet up on the board behind my computer. I face a wall in my office, so I try to make it a pretty wall.  These little statements usually change every week.  Sometimes they are motivational like the one above, but usually they are my mood declaration for the next few days.  Any member of my family can look at the board and get a little sense of where I’m at this week.  Last week’s piece of paper read:

That Which Doesn’t Kill Me, Better Fucking Run.

Some people are visual, pictures enhance their mood or motivate them.  I’m into words.  I like them and the multitude of combinations.  I’m fascinated by how those combinations can take me places, educate me or change my mood.

Words are great, but they are only powerful when they are held up by action or actual life experience.  Without that backing, they are just…well, words.  Great writers have said you must live a life to write well, and I agree.

Last week’s statement is funny on the surface, but the power comes in the attitude the words provoke.  If you’ve been through things in your life that you felt would kill you and you turn on what was chasing you and decided to chase it, if that’s happened to you, then you really get the statement.  It’s strength lies in the life experience behind it.

Likewise, this week’s words are only deeply felt if they are put into practice.  I can post those words on my board all I want, but if I do nothing and continue to shape myself based on how others define me, then I’m just looking at some curly font on a pretty piece of paper.  Those words put into practice can change a life, but that’s work.

Words were meant to move, motivate, enrage, inspire and make change, but they can’t do it alone.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Zzzzzzzz.

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