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Let me start by saying that I truly, honestly, have no issue with people doing as they like. I believe everyone should be free to love whom they want, look how they want to look.  Really, there’s not much that gets me going, so long as they are not telling me how to live my life. To…

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Dryer Lint

Often times my mind begins to overflow. I am, as we all are, inundated with information whether we want it or not. Some information is good. It’s important to be informed and even entertained. But sometimes, some of the information is like knowing every word to Hello by Lionel Richie even though you hated the…

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Polyester Pants

Reality TV. Isn’t that an oxymoron? I remember watching television as a child, or even as a teenager (I do not watch TV now. I have three children…need I say more.) to get away, or be taken somewhere. Love Boat, Fantasy Island, even All in the Family. As the years went on, Dallas, Falcon Crest,…

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