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The breeze whispered sheer black across her face. Gathered near the earthen void, someone asked, “What time is it?” It no longer mattered, she thought closing her eyes. The touch, Sunday breakfast, that laugh. Time had shattered into a million never agains. My response to this week’s Yeah Write.Me Gargleblaster. The prompt…Have all your clocks stopped? Exactly…

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There is a crack in my windshield. A rock hit the upper corner on the passenger’s side.  It was one of those pops where I wasn’t sure if it hit the frame or the actual glass.  It was loud and sort of shocking.  I leaned over and saw the pronged star.  It wasn’t that big, but it looked deep.…

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Silk Scarf

My forty-two words for Yeah Write’s Gargleblaster Challenge. The prompt…“Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?” She sat by me in the auditorium, more hair missing now than present under her scarf. The lights dimmed. “Why are we here?  You should be…” “Shh. Our daughters are on stage. This is where I should be.” I held…

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