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Tattered Hem

What does it mean to remember, to never forget? Past the bumper stickers and the rolling banner on CNN, beyond the theme music. It’s probably different for everyone and I wonder if there are those, still overcome with grief, that wish they could forget. I didn’t lose anyone on 9/11. I know a few distant…

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Loss. When you put yourself out there you make connections with people. ┬áSome of them stick, most of them don’t, but when they stick there’s nothing like it. Man or woman, friend or lover, someone sees you, gets you and enjoys you. So great in such a big world. When you get to that comfortable…

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I love when the arts have the courage to reflect a view felt by a society, not matter how ugly or controversial. Bravo to Rescue Me, a series on FX. I felt this way after 9/11 and it was the closest thing to blasphemy. During that time people were ripped apart for any feeling that…

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