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Color Brighteners

I’m baking a cake today. Actually I baked the cake part last night and later today I’ll frost.  This one’s a little different.  Dark chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream frosting and then dark chocolate ganache poured over the top just until it cascades down the sides.  It looks beautiful in the picture. Remains to be seen…

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I’m making pies this year for Thanksgiving. If you have never made a pie from scratch, the pumpkin pie is a tough one.  I know it looks like a fairly straightforward pie, but it can be a nightmare.  You need to hit somewhere between smooth, custardy, pudding and earthy, root vegetable, without falling into snotty,…

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Flour Sack Towel

I bake. As with most things, I’ve tried to figure this out.  Why do I bake?  I’m not domestic, per se.  I don’t pride myself on being a perfect wife or an adoring mother.  I don’t bake cookies with my kids, I don’t mess up the kitchen and just have crazy fun making all kinds…

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