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Tasteful Clothing

Beginnings are such fun. Every time I start a new story, I appreciate the open space.  There’s breathing room and all of the doors are open.  I have a general idea of my characters, at least my hero and heroine, but decisions have yet to made.  I love that. After I am finished with a…

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For some reason, we rush past beginnings only to long for them later.  People say they loved their first crappy car, or that time in their life when they lived in a dinky little apartment, and yet at the time they hated them both.  Dreamed of something better. Being a newbie can be stressful, insecure, but…

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The last few days of the year always feel like the back pages of a notebook. The are still useable, but there isn’t enough room to start a project or even write a full chapter.  It’s the end, time to wrap things up.  I often use this time to look back over the previous pages,…

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