Tasteful Clothing

Beginnings are such fun.

Every time I start a new story, I appreciate the open space.  There’s breathing room and all of the doors are open.  I have a general idea of my characters, at least my hero and heroine, but decisions have yet to made.  I love that.

After I am finished with a book, once it’s been sent to my editor, I clear the decks.  Clean up, put away and allow for the space.  It’s wonderful and free and in a few days choices will need to be made.  Sure they can be changed as we go along, but for the most part, the big choices stay.  What they look like, where they went to school, if they have been married before, mistakes they’ve made along the way.

After this moment, the moment I’m in right now, things will get complicated, sticky.  Right now she has brown hair and so does he, although his is darker and hers gets a little help from the salon.  He wears glasses and cooks.  She has multiple holes in her ears, but no longer wears earrings in them.  He was born in New Orleans and she’s from Pasadena.  He’s convinced she’s forgotten and she wishes she could.

That’s it.  It’s that simple right now.  All the chess pieces are still in place.  No family, no friends, not even a dog.  Tomorrow we start making moves, but for now, I’m just sitting, having tea, and getting to know Logan and Kara.  They both seem like lovely people, a little lopsided, but lovely.

Beginnings only happen once.  Here’s hoping I do their story justice.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Once Upon a Time.

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