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Cinched Belt

“Because I said so.” Not a phrase recommended in parenting books because it strips a child of all power and can be belittling.  Better to give an answer that is firm, but provides an explanation.  This makes the child feel validated even though the outcome is not what they want. I remember these words appeared…

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Hospital Gown

When I was young I loved Cracker Jacks.  There was a store just down the hill from my house that used to sell the small boxes. The carmely corn was yummy, but I bought Cracker Jacks for the surprise. Wrapped in red and white striped paper with the  sailor guy on it, I loved the…

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Cold Water with Like Colors

“What are the directions?” I asked my 7 year old daughter when she told me we needed to do a Book Mobile for her reading book Chocolate Fever. She replied that there were no instructions she was just supposed to put pictures and fun things from the book on paper and tape them to a…

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