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“Because I said so.”

Not a phrase recommended in parenting books because it strips a child of all power and can be belittling.  Better to give an answer that is firm, but provides an explanation.  This makes the child feel validated even though the outcome is not what they want.

I remember these words appeared in about every parenting book I read with Katlyn.  After Katlyn I realized parenting books were annoying so I stopped.

There have been a couple of times I’ve used that phrase out of frustration, but I try not to because I agree that it’s a shoddy answer and makes the child feel crappy.  It’s a cheap way out of an argument.

I made a deposit at Chase today.  The woman did her thing and handed me the deposit slip.  On it she circled that a portion of my deposit would be held for two days.

I politely asked, “Why?”  to which she replied, “Oh, that’s just what the computer does. Nothing you can do about it.”  I smiled, went to my happy place and left.

I’m not a huge fan of banks so I’m not objective, but I’m pretty sure that’s the adult version of “Because I said so.”  I sure felt powerless and maybe she felt like it was a cheap answer?  Not sure.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Bedtime…Now!

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