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When did we start pushing buttons on every corner? Maybe some titled agency conducted a study that determined people waste point-however-many-minutes waiting for traffic lights to change. That those minutes equaled point-point-lost-dollars in revenues. It is possible a think-tank or non-profit group decided something had to be done about the anxiety-inducing wait. Whatever the reason,…

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A couple of months ago, Barb, aka Book Club Mom, interviewed me and asked about my experience finding an agent.  At the time of the interview I had not yet looked for an agent.  I have spent the past few weeks in that process and I feel a metaphor coming on. Finding an agent is…

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This too shall pass. Not a fan of this phrase.  Sure, it may pass, of course it will pass.  The sun comes up and goes down and days go by and in due course, things pass.  I get it.  That doesn’t mean they pass well, or things are better after they pass, or that you…

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