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I can’t write about cancer or surgeries or recovery or healing. Not because it’s too soon or I’m sad. I wrote a post about what I’ve been through and how it sucked and promptly deleted it. I can’t remember the last time I deleted a blog post, but God the thing was long and boring,…

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Dirty Laundry

  We have a well at our house.  We get our water from the ground. For those of you that I have lost already, don’t think Laura Ingalls gathering with a bucket type of well.  Think big electric box thing and a huge tank that fills with water.  That water is then pumped into our…

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Reversible Belt

I have a fan in my bedroom. It is on a remote control and there are three levels.  In the summer the fan is important for keeping the room cool.  It spins quietly and does it’s job, but every now and then I feel like the fan is not putting out as much cool air…

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