Reversible Belt

I have a fan in my bedroom.

It is on a remote control and there are three levels.  In the summer the fan is important for keeping the room cool.  It spins quietly and does it’s job, but every now and then I feel like the fan is not putting out as much cool air as it did before.  The blades are still turning, there’s nothing wrong with the fan, but something doesn’t feel right.

At the top of the remote there’s a button that causes the fan to slow down and reverse it’s movement.  The fan changes direction and spins the other way.  I don’t know what it is, but when I change the direction it feels stronger, more efficient and for a period it seems to keep the room cooler.

After a couple of months, I again look up at the fan and again I recognize it’s inefficiencies and I will push the button to reverse the blades again.  I know that I’m sending it back in the direction that seemed ineffective before.  This makes no sense.  I’m pretty sure the manual states one way is for cooling and the other is for warming.  I really have no idea because the manual was tossed a long time ago.

The point is, I believe if I change the direction of the fan it is more efficient, it gives me more of what I want.  So whether or not it actually does, with or without scientific proof that direction makes a difference, the change is real for me.  My mindset is when the room starts to feel stale I push the button, the blades reverse, and all is right for a period of time.

Life may be like this.  Routines, schedules, what we allow to permeate, may need to be adjusted from time to time, reversed and sent in a new direction.  Even if we are not really changing anything, maybe shifting or reversing our perception is enough to get things going in a better way.  It’s a little heavy for a Friday, but…

Those are my thoughts from the laundry room.  Leave the fan on.

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