Out of Season Outfit

There’s nothing left to write.

It’s all been written, I’m out of ideas and stories and…well, I’m done.

I was going to write about Dexter’s season finale.  Really?  Is that what it’s come to?  I’m now doing television show reviews? I don’t even watch television, remember?  Well, maybe I watch a little now, but television is certainly not blog worthy. Dexter was a rousing disappointment and everyone already knows that. Breaking Bad is a better show, it’s already been said. You know what happened to Dexter…he ran out of things to write.  He stayed too long at the party.

Marissa Mayer is on the cover of Vogue.  I could write about that, that’s controversial.  But is it really?  A smart woman, setting herself up to fail by painting a luxurious entitled princess in the pages of Vogue while her employees can no longer even work from home. This real issue will be clouded by supposed “feminists” saying she’s objectifying herself.  There’s nothing hanging out of her multiple thousand dollar outfit.  She has makeup on, so?  Objectification is not the problem.  The problem is, male or female, she’s creating a pedestal that I’m pretty sure is built on pissed off employees.  That’s never a good idea, but it’s happened before and every talking head is already talking.  Not blog post worthy.

I could grasp at straws and go for the headline on CNN…New president of Iran says, “Yes, the Holocaust did happen.” Really?  If this guy is getting press coverage, maybe CNN is out of things to talk about too.

When I started writing, I knew this day would come.  I knew I would wake up, make my tea, sit in front of my computer and…nothing.  Now that I’ve arrived it’s really okay.  I feel at peace and I know…

Wait, have you ever tried to buy birthday candles that aren’t made in China?  Huh, maybe I have a few more posts in me.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  I Don’t Remember My Dreams.

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  1. When I have writer’s block, I tend to think about things I love that irritate people. If it’s a topic thats newsworthy or something interesting,I’ll write about it. Otherwise, I’d be writing your post every other week. Great topic.

  2. Ah-Ha…!!! That explains it..!! The “Muses” are NOT MADE IN CHINA… Therefore NOT readily available..!!
    (Just like my Mom always said.. “It all comes out in the wash.. (laundry)”) 😉
    After-thought… Do you think China is made in China..?? Nah.. Probably Mongolia.. (just sayin’)

    • Oh me too. Such an incredible character. That’s a good point, sort of like he acted like a jerk so I would want to break up with him. But a lumberjack…really? Couldn’t he just have died in that super cheesy, computer mess of a storm?

  3. Your mind will never run out of thoughts, ideas, goals and dreams . Its just hump day. Everyday is hump day for me . haha Have a beautiful day and no this is not a bulk message .

  4. Sometimes when I have writers block and play with blocks and unblock the block. Try it and if it doesn’t work well throw the blocks at things you do not like, it will help unless you are blocked.

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