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There are 7,500 different types of apples worldwide. Twenty-five hundred of those just in the United States. Some of you may know this already, but holy moley that is a ton of variety. The regular grocery store carries maybe four kinds of apples on a good day. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s can get crazy…

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  I am white. It is the skin I was born in. It’s actually kind of peach and sometimes blotchy in the sun, but in society, I am classified as—white. I’m married to a man with similar skin, and all three of our children are shades of us. We are a white family living on…

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Torn Pocket

I should write a post about Baltimore. I have an opinion.  I’m sure for many it would be the wrong side, or maybe readers would agree and deem my thoughts correct, right. I’m not sure.  I have things to say, feelings to express, but when I try to put them down, they are too big,…

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