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There’s no sense in lying. I fell in strong like with this picture, and since I have to write a blog post today, I went with something that makes me smile. No. I do not know the adorable tatted man or his puppy dog. I simply needed inspiration, and there they were on iStock. Today…

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Extra Rinse

The Elements of Style commands, “Omit needless words.” I struggle with this every day. Ron is the master. I’m not sure I have ever reblogged before but I could not pass this one up. It’s perfect in sentiment and craft. Enjoy. Write what you know, they say so he writes the first draft of the…

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Revealing Dress

I am so awkward. Honestly, sometimes things seem perfectly normal at the time and then I just don’t know what I was thinking.  This post is cringeworthy, so be forewarned.  If you are uncomfortable with boobs, stop right now and go enjoy your weekend. I have an author page on Facebook.  I hate Facebook, but it’s…

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