Whoopee Cushion

Humor is the key.

There have been busy and chaotic times around our house during the last few months. More than a glass of wine or some Advil, laughter is what gets me through. It doesn’t just get me through, it allows me to enjoy the whole thing and most importantly it gives me a small break from taking life and myself so seriously.

Laughter takes the edge off.

I credit it with keeping my marriage together and my children healthy. It allows me to have dinner with my in-laws and find common ground. Laughter has brought me to tears and stopped my tears. I have learned the art of laughing when I am angry or disappointed, so I can now credit it with improving my health too.

My mother volunteered at a shelter during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. She told me that when she arrived she was so tired and so overwhelmed that all she did was laugh. Belly laugh.

Amazing thing laughter! That is all from the laundry room tonight.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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