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This was saved in drafts and never published. I must have written it some time ago because I would no longer be so generous with Michelle Obama, but I wanted to add it to my meanderings.

I recently listened to an interview with Michelle Obama.  She comes across as a very stable and bright woman.  I appreciate her stance on work/balance for women and I finished listening to the interview quite impressed.  

I am a Hillary Clinton supporter because I know she is the best candidate for the job.  While I have watched her numbers fall in the last couple of days.  Throughout the campaign I have heard people call her everything in the book and pick apart her persona, not her policies, but her persona.  “Not warm enough”, “How will she keep her husband under control”, “too ‘on’ ” and so forth.  

After listening to the interview with Michelle Obama on YouTube I read some of the comments below. This is always a treat because there are some people that are just outright ignorant.  There was one comment that said, “Michelle Obama seems more relaxed and more real.  She does not seem like she ‘puts it on’ like Hillary does and that is why I am voting for Barack Obama.”  

Am I missing something?  

Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States.  In a world where women are barely aloud to speak their mind and have a strong sense of self without being called every misogynistic name in the book this woman is wearing armor.  She has to.  Michelle Obama, while I like her very much, is certainly not in the same fight Hillary Clinton is in and it pains me that this country would vote for anyone because they seem “relaxed” or “more real”.  

Why is it such a crime for woman to work within the system they are in and forge ahead?  Why do women especially look to her to be “warm”?  I do not have experience in it, but I would imaging politics is soul stealing business, so why are we not celebrating that she is still standing and she represents policies in an articulate manner?  What is the warm crap?  You never hear someone say that a man is not warm enough?  

I just do not understand it and most importantly I will never understand why women do not stand together.  For the first time in history, if you are a Democrat, we have a viable female candidate for president and while many woman do support Hillary Clinton, I just do not understand why all woman, if you believe in her policies, would not support her.  

One final thought, if Chris Mathews calls Hillary Clinton “The Clintons” one more time I am going to loose my mind.  Where is the respect?  Sad. Very Sad.

Those are my thoughts from the laundry room.

Stay on your side of the bed!

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