Wrinkles in the Bedskirt

Why is it that some people can hold on to what is important and others get lost in the crap?

There are people that always seem positive and can for the most part keep their eye on the ball. Family comes first, it is not how much money you have that matters, don’t sweat the small stuff and on and on and on. People that are just grounded in the essence of life.

I am not talking about religion, although I am sure spirituality and a belief in something greater plays a part. For some people it is a life threatening illness, or a challenge in their life.

But I wonder, how does a healthy, loved, blessed, well off, protected mother of three amazing children manage to stay positive and not wallow in the minutia? I know, this sounds crazy but it seems to me that human beings have a hard time realizing what is important and holding tight to those thoughts unless there is tragedy or struggle.

We have all heard song Live Like You were Dying and while the idea of that song is great, I struggle with how to hang on to that mindset. I recently read and heard about Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture. He has now written a book and his message is all over the place. He is inspiring and again his story is tragic. I was moved to tears by Christopher Reeve, but again tragedy. There are spiritual leaders and wise men and women that impart their meditation and belief stream, but none of them are plunging an overflowing toilet bowl.

I know what is important and I know that I too am dying. I want to get the very best out of my life and leave a legacy for my children. I want my husband to know every day how much I love him and I want to cherish every moment, but I don’t. Moments slip by, opportunities are missed, and there are times I am negative. There are times I am not “in the moment” or living “my very best life”. I have moments of self pity and I truly have absolutely nothing to complain about.

I wish I could live the majority of my life in a positive, not fake and cheesy, light and still be healthy, absolutely nothing to complain about, me.

I will work on this. These are my thoughts from the laundry room.

Peaceful Slumber!

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