I like sprinklers.
I like the Ch…Ch…ChChCh sound they make. I like their consistency. The sound of sprinklers either retires a hard fought day, or it welcomes a new day’s possibilities. No one ever runs their sprinklers during the details of the day.

I live in the desert, so I do not have sprinklers at my house, but there is a house up my street with sprinklers. I hear them as I walk up my hill each morning during the ritual that is “my morning walk”. I walk very early and the song of the sprinklers as I climb up the hill is a mantra for me both in my exercise and life lately. Ch…(keep going) Ch…(new things are coming) ChChCh…(stay strong). I can not explain it and it may sound absurd, but lately I have really noticed the sprinklers.

I need them.

It is as if, in my efforts to cope lately, that as long as the sprinklers are on, all is right with the world. I am very blessed, but things are tough all over lately and my life is no exception. Work is just a bear and I am to the point that I can only take the news for 30 minutes each day. Information overload, stress, things change from one day to the next, but

Ch…Ch…ChChCh…all is consistent and right, if just for a few minutes.

That is all from the laundry room.

Sweet Slumber!

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