I hate to cook.  I’m not sure if I hate it because I’m not good at it, or if I’m not good at because I hate it.  Whatever the reason, I would rather clean a toilet bowl than make dinner. Fortunately for me I married a man that loves, that’s right LOVES, to cook and he is brilliant at it.  A natural and I’m not just talking about fish sticks and chicken breasts.  Most of the time I’d rather eat at home then go out to a restaurant. It’s that good.

More than the food that comes out of the kitchen is the joy of watching Michael cook. It is an effortless dance.  He makes it look much easier than it is and he is in his space in the kitchen. After 17 years of marriage I’m thinking that is what making a life together is all about. Supporting, nurturing and appreciating individual spaces where your partner shines, glows. I buy Michael pans like most women buy their husbands ties.  I love going into Williams and Sonoma just because I can feel him everywhere in that store.  Sure it’s about being together, but it’s what makes you individuals, your talents, what you bring to the table, no pun intended, that keeps life, marriage interesting.

I think people can lose sight of that when they get married.  It becomes all about you as a couple and once you have kids it becomes about the family.  The individual can get lost and there’s never enough time.  Experts say the key to sustaining a marriage is to remember why you fell in love with that person in the first place.  How can you possibly do that if by the time it’s all said and done the individuals have disappeared. I love watching Michael cook, not because I love the kitchen, but because I love him when he’s in the kitchen. Separate from me and our kids just being his exceptional self.

Just some food for thought (OK, I’ll stop now) from the laundry room. Fluff the Pillows!

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