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It has been a while since I’ve written on my blog.  I’m working on trying to get my first novel published and finishing my second, but there is something freeing about writing for the hell of it.  Not worrying about all the details.  At the risk of jumping on the media bandwagon, I have a few things to say…

Is Tiger Woods the only man to ever cheat on his wife?

It sure does seem that way lately and while I understand the hype and his image, I’m more fascinated by men in the context of infidelity.  My first glimpse into this phenomenon was Bill Clinton.  He was a great, exciting and charismatic guy until the blue dress surfaced and then all of a sudden he was a piranha.  It was as if he was the first politician to have a private meeting with an intern.  

Of course it followed that women were outraged and he was an authority figure and on and on, but for me the reaction of other men was so interesting.  They circle, like hyenas and rip the guilty guy to shreds.  In Clinton’s case, Senators sitting in judgement and asking embarrassing and intimate questions for sport.  Serving this cheating bastard to the public like a sacrifice and all the while looking over their shoulders to make sure the glass houses were still intact.

I see the same thing with Tiger Woods.  He’s a high level professional athlete that cheated on his wife with several other woman.  Okay.  Should Charles Barkley really be getting press time discussing this issue.  Really?  

Once the men circle, it is like they are the counsel and they will decided, for all the innocent women sitting in the stands, how to deal with this cheater. Please, men cheat on their wives.  All types of men.  It’s between the man and the woman he promised to be faithful.  It is odd that other men use one man’s stumble to make themselves feel better, more important, more…faithful?

I’m not saying that all men cheat, but it seems the ones rallying around these types of controversies have the most to hide.   It’s the old saying, let he who is without sin (not sure I really believe in sin, but it works to prove my point) cast the first stone.  For all the who ha about men sticking together and having such a bond, boy don’t cheat on your wife or all bets are off.

That’s all from the laundry room.  Put out the Don’t Disturb Sign.

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