This is an old post, my daughter now drives, but it was sitting in drafts.  I could not bear to put this memory in the trash, so here it is:

My daughter is on the crew team at her high school.  She has practice Monday-Thursday for 2 1/2 hours and her practice is about one hour from our house and my office.  So, during this time I am in limbo.  When she first told me her schedule I was a little put out, but I found a Starbucks close to the lake and that is where I plant myself every day except Friday.  I pack up my desk at work and tell myself I will finish my day up at the  Starbucks, but something happens to me once I get there.  I do not want to work.  I am in a space at my Starbucks.  I do not need to do anything.  If you really knew my life you would understand the absolute magic in “not having to do anything”.  Some days I read, some days I check my e-mail at work, but mostly I listen to music with my headphones and watch people.

It is incredible how entertaining people are without sound.  It is like watching a silent film in that you pay close attention to movements and facial expressions to try and figure out what is going on.  The characters at my Starbucks do not speak to me and because of my headphones I can not hear them.  So fun.  Let’s see…

Today there are three men behind the counter and one young blonde woman.  They all get along, but they are feverishly getting ready for someone, maybe a boss.

There is a man in front of me on his hands free phone definitely talking work.  He has made several calls since he sat down.  He calls, flails his head around, looks around, puts his hands in his face and then begins to write.  He then makes another call and starts the whole dance over again.  He is young and good looking, but not happy.  At least not today.

OK, this is way too much work, so that’s all from the laundry room for now.  Back to “doing nothing!”

Dream with a Soundtrack!

Starbucks thoughts

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