Casual Friday

It is Friday.

When I was younger I never understood older people saying, “Thank God it’s Friday.” That sounded so defeatist to me.

If you hate your job so much that you are just living for Friday then you need to change it up.  These people are stuck in a rut.  I will never, ever be in that rut.  Friday will sneak up on me and I will have such an exciting job that I will not want to leave for the weekend.  My life will be full of adventure and I will never be a drone to the corporate world.

I am now 37 years old and I have learned…

My job is not my life.  My life is exciting and because it is, “Thank God it’s Friday!!!”

Sometimes you just need a break.  My job has been awful lately, but it pays my bills and helps provide for my family.  The weekend is a time to step away and refuel, no wonder people can’t wait.

Work is not always fun, but it must get done.
Working late on Friday and going home to an empty house is far worse than, “Thank God it’s Friday!”
People are never what they seem.  Stereotypes are usually wrong.
The corporate drones I mocked as a young adult are probably retired, they have supported families, gone on memorable vacations, donated to worthy causes, survived illness and sadness, put children through school, gone to and paid for weddings, sat at a table with their loved ones, attended concerts and school plays.

To the corporate drones that waited for Friday, my apologies.  In my youth I had not learned the cardinal rule:

Never confuse having a job with having a life.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Hit the snooze button!

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