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I was listening to someone on NPR this morning talk about how the Obamas held hands during their first dance at one of the Inaugural Balls.

This commentator (I use the term very loosely) went on to say that Americans can really tell they are in love because this is the first time a president and first lady have ever threaded their fingers together while dancing.

My mind hurt. My mind hurts right now typing it. Please, please tell me we are not going here.

I was not watching Inside Edition, or even MSNBC. This was National Public Radio, not that they are above reproach, but I still hold out hope.

OK, let’s go here. The Obamas are the only first couple that have loved each other and displayed their love and that is great and the American people love this display of affection. This is Brad and Angelina stuff, but the President?

I voted for Barack Obama and I believe in his message, but my issue with him was he seemed like an American Idol President. You know, we think he is the coolest and we like that he has young children and his wife shops at J.Crew and he takes his children to school. We want this as Americans, so we vote for him!!

I am not sure I want the American people running America.

More people voted during the final episode of American Idol than voted in the primary election.

Barack Obama is an affectionate husband and a charismatic personality. His daughters are adorable and I love J. Crew. All of this, does not a president make.

I believe Obama is a good man and I am excited about the changes he will bring to our country, but the majority of the American people scare the crap out of me.

Those are my thoughts from the laundry room.

Shut the Television Off!!!!!!!

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  1. There somebody finally said it. I have been feeling guilty since America started its love affair with BO. I did not vote for him, I voted for Hillary. I am happy to see that someone who is not a right wing nut, a person that voted for President Obama can see through the hype. We have spent the last eight years wandering in the wilderness. People,please pay attention this time, our very lives may depend on it.
    I have followed your blog and I like what I read. Keep it coming.

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