It’s cold this morning.  We’ve been cruising along in the mid to high 70s and now it’s cold.  I like cold weather, but this was unexpected.  A surprise.

“Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise.”  There’s not a grandmother alive that hasn’t uttered that phrase.

Surprises, I don’t know that I’m a fan.

Not that I like predictable either, but surprises shock the system and while most are good – surprise birthday, surprise gift, surprise visit…, there are too many that can be bad.  I think I’d just assume not have them at all.

I’ll take planned birthday parties and I’m alright letting people know what I’d like for Christmas.

If I give up the good surprises can I avoid the phone call at 2AM, or the long walk to the doctor’s office?  Here I go trying to make a deal again.

Every time I think I want surprise or the edge, I remind myself that people often fall off the edge.

Life is unpredictable, I get that, but it’s not wrong to want a life with the edges smoothed out a little.  Balance, not boredom, balance.

Winning the lottery is a surprise, but so is a heart attack.

My life is a roller coaster, not a ferris wheel and I like that.  Moments of exhilaration, but not surprise.

Roller coasters are for the most part designed and safe.  They are fun and make your heart race, but there are not supposed to be surprises.  I like that too.

My random thoughts from the laundry room.  Kick the cat out.

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