I have nothing to say, but it’s really past the time to post something.  I’m a writer, I should have all sorts of fantastic observations about the human condition or tell a clever anecdote.  My mind should be swimming with witty commentary about a current event or present an informed point of view about some international crisis.

That’s what this post should be, but…nothing.  I have nothing to say.

My life right now is in a holding pattern.  I’m waiting.  All the work’s been done and now I’m waiting.  I should find something more productive to do while I wait, use my time wisely.  Lay some ground work.  But instead I find myself going through the motions and just…waiting.

I drove my children to swim the other day and passed by the Jiffy Lube station.  The freestanding ones where there’s just one bay.  There was a guy sitting there, kicked back in a chair.  He was waiting.  Probably day dreaming or wasting his time.

Michael and I go to Postino’s every Friday for lunch, unless something comes up. They have complimentary valet parking.  Not because it’s a really fancy place, it’s not, but because there’s limited parking.  Anyway, the same guy sits out in front and takes our car.  Two weeks ago he was reading Plato.  Last Friday he was reading Hemingway.  I asked if he was reading for school to which he replied that he was just reading for fun.  He wished he could find Plato in Latin.  Wow.  I smiled and he said, “It passes the time.”  He’s an example of productive waiting.

Me…I’m the Jiffy Lube guy tonight.  Waiting.

That’s a bunch of nothing from the laundry room tonight.  Wake up Late.

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