Walking Shoes

This picture was taken outside Union Station in Washington DC.

It’s a great shot and really spotlights our children’s personalities.

Cotter – Obviously the only one that knows I’m taking a picture. There’s not much that Cotter misses.  He’s the child that always overhears the conversation you never meant for him to hear.  He’s forever wanting in on the action.  And, as clearly shown in the picture, he’s the joker of the family.  Shortly after I took the picture, I asked him how many hands he thought had been on that eagle.  He didn’t care.

Katlyn – The intense one.  Katlyn is often in her own world and very often in deep thought or pissed off.  I’m sure this mood had something to do with the fact that her father had walked her all over the city and she wanted to have lunch or relax somewhere.  She’s intently looking at the pictures she’s taken so far.  Katlyn is the picture taker.  She chronicles and takes hundreds, literally hundreds, of pictures on our vacations.

Maggie – Maggie runs full speed, all the time, but she’s also the first one to complain about her feet or needing a break.  Her feet hurt, we’ve been walking forever, or my favorite, “Can’t we get a cab?”  She gets into things and wants to know everything about anything when we travel.  She’s the question asker and inevitably she wears herself out.  She’s also the queen of accessories.  She toted that damn purse around the entire trip.

It’s always amazed me that the same two people can create three very different children.  They do have a lot in common, but this picture really shows their unique personalities.

That’s all from the laundry room.  Yawn.

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