Loose Necktie

I’m in the middle of writing.  I’m always writing, but there are a few months out of the year I spend torturing myself with rewrites and editing.  Not my favorite part. But the writing I absolutely love, love, love.

This will sound insane I’m sure, but I create these characters, hopefully they’re rich and interesting and I put them in a space.  They live with me for the months it takes to write their story and I’m in heaven.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.

I was writing tonight and thinking about the part in any story that gets me.  You know butterflies, heart fluttering, just gets you?

I write novels that have relationships and romance.  I like human interaction, so that’s what I write about.   The part that really gets me when I’m writing or reading a good story is the very first time two characters drop their guard.

Whatever they use to protect themselves, get through life, ward off others, the moment that comes down and the characters see each other, really see each other, for the first time.

That’s the moment I love the most.  It doesn’t have to be anything physical, in fact the really good moments aren’t, they’re emotional.  The characters are forever changed from that moment on.  Some will retreat back behind their wall, in fact most do, but for that one moment they are themselves with another human being.

I just wrote that scene for Grady and Kate. They’re finding their way through what will be my third novel and they just had their moment.  Sigh…

That’s all from the laundry room.  Linger.

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