Sunshine Yellow Pants

It appears that lately my blog has been a bit melancholy.  Breast Cancer, 9/11 and heartbreak while important and relevant when taken all at once can be…sad.

So, I feel the need for a little sunshine.

Katlyn came home from high school yesterday inspired.  I know those two things seem mutually exclusive, but she was bubbling over with positive energy and inspiration.

She had an assembly and listened to one of the founders of Me to We.  I watched a video about her speaker and his brother who started another fantastic organization, Free the Children, when they were teenagers.  They are now grown men and have been the instruments of such change and motivating others, especially youth, to change that it blew my mind.

People like these brothers fascinate me.  What did their parents feed them?  Positive and driven despite insurmountable odds.  They both have impressive resumes and loads of accolades, but most importantly they give of themselves to people that so desperately need them.  It appears without agenda.  Remarkable.

These men seem to have done more with their organizations than most large corporations and certainly our government.  They give me hope, which is not easy to come by these days.

They are active, they are giving and they motivated my 18 year old daughter to look outside the microcosm of her world.  They inspired her to explore who she is and what she can do in this world.  As a parent, I so appreciate the help.

That’s all from the laundry room.  Good Night Moon.

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