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Andrew sends me a text today that he saw a piece on The Today Show talking about how cursive handwriting is moving out of schools.

He asked me what I thought.

It’s safe to say I sort of lost my mind all over him.  He’s used to it.  I was texting with a fervor that was just…well it was odd.  I was outraged.

How is it possible that it is no longer necessary for children to learn handwriting? Beautiful penmanship is no longer important?

Andrew didn’t understand what the big deal was and then told me that pretty much everyone he knows prints.  I decide that must just be the people he knows. Right?

Then I asked my daughter and she hasn’t written in cursive since 6th grade. Cotter never writes in cursive and when I gave it some thought I’m not sure Maggie ever really came home with the handwriting tablets the other two did.

Where the hell have I been?  Handwriting has been dying and I wasn’t paying attention?

I still write in cursive and up until today, I clearly thought the rest of the world was with me.  Although Michael never writes in cursive, but I thought that was just him.

I did a little research and found this article in Time called The Death of Handwriting .

It was quite interesting and I suppose that clearer, more exact writing and communication is good.

I understand that in this digital age there’s no need for twirly Qs and fancy Ls, but it makes me sad.

Everything is cleaner, more efficient and…generic.  So much can be expressed in a person’s handwriting.  It’s artistic and there’s no longer a need for that.

Our society is based on speed and need.  Presentation, flourish are things of the past.  Relics.

I must be a relic.  Sigh…just imagine if Shakespeare had printed.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  More Decorative Throw Pillows.

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