Long Veil

Michael has this theory, brace yourself.

He believes that people should be out living their lives and not watching others. He’s all about getting the most out of everything and I have to chain him to the chair to get him to watch a movie or a video clip or…you get the idea.

He likes to be “doing” and there are several times throughout the year that he drives me nuts.

I like to sit back and watch people, I like to watch movies.  Not all the time, but pretty damn often.

There are times I want to take a break from my life.

I thought everyone did, but apparently I’ve managed to marry the only person on the planet that wants to constantly be participating in the often tiring game that is life.

We deal with this difference through often passionate debate or I just ignore him and watch movies by myself.  Michael does drink red wine while he’s cooking, so I suspect there’s a minute need to take a load off buried in there somewhere, but he’d never admit it.

I usually watch a movie or two on the weekend in between everything else that needs to get done.  Lately I’m watching back seasons of Dexter and I’m a bit obsessed.  Brilliant show.  And I read like a maniac.  Hmm…there does seem to be a lot of escaping going on.

Last weekend I was reading when I should have been writing.  My third manuscript needs to be finished in just over two weeks.  What the hell was I thinking?  I have things to do.  I can’t be sitting around…There it is, that damn balance thing again.  I’ll write now.

That’s all from the laundry room.  Put a pillow over your head.

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