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Playboy bunny cattle prodded in the ass…

From time to time I look at the search phrases that bring readers to my blog. The goal is that people are searching for the name of the blog, or my name. Occasionally someone will stumble upon me while searching for something else, but let’s face it if I’m searching for “quotes regarding laundry” I’m not happy when that search gives me some lady’s blog that has very little to do with laundry.

So, I look to see if people are being referred from other sites, etc.

Anyway, the search phrases that bring people to my blog are usually the same. I see my name, laundry room quotes, from the laundry room, whitest whites, etc. Yesterday I saw “playboy bunny cattle prodded in the ass” in the searched phrases and I almost fell down laughing.

A couple of things…

1. Who searches for what I’m sure produced several…graphic results? That was a stupid question. People can be a little nutty.

2. How disappointed do you think the person was when they discovered my blog with that search? Although, who knows maybe they were so drawn in by my rambling prose that they turned from their dirty bird search and read all night. Probably didn’t happen.

I looked through some of my posts and tried to figure out how this colorful phrase would have anything to do with my blog. I do mention a playboy bunny and maybe that’s all it takes. Turns out fromthelaundryroom is a little racy. Who knew?

It’s always enlightening to see a little bit of the world I’m not privy to very often. Somewhere out there is a person interested in a playboy bunny getting cattle prodded in the ass. I should be appalled by such profanity, outraged.

Not sure why this makes me giggle, but it does. I’m picturing some librarian in a small town sitting quietly in a turtleneck searching risque phrases. I know, most likely not, but I like that idea more than some slimy in a stained t-shirt licking Doritos off his fingers and washing it all down with Schlitz Malt Liquor.

Hope he, or possibly she, enjoyed my blog.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Behave.

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