Spray n Wash

I must have four full bottles of Spray n Wash, the refill size.

I’m on this crazy cleaning spree lately and part of my assault includes the cabinet in my laundry room. Everything came out, cabinet wiped clean and everything went back.

Holy crap, I have a lot of Spray n Wash.  How did that happen?

I always need Spray n Wash when I go to Costco.  I have three kids.  They make a mess all down the front of their shirts, Right?

It’s weird the things that tell you your children are older.  I used to go through Spray n Wash faster than we went through milk.  I never had enough.

I guess I just kept picking up bottles as always and somewhere along the way it stopped being used.

I’m not sad that Katlyn no longer comes home with juice spilled down the front of her shirt, or that Cotter isn’t wearing everything he eats.  It’s a good thing that Maggie at 11 can now effectively use a napkin.

I’m not sad.  It’s just…strange.  Odd that I didn’t even notice my house is teaming with an over abundance of Spray n Wash.

Three little stain producing muchkins are now one adult, one teenager and one eleven going on thirty year old.

They’re older and Katlyn will be going to college in August.  It makes me nervous, but I’m so OCD that I really have to put it away or I’ll ruin it.

I tell myself that we’ve given her the tools.  She’s a fantastic human being.  It’s her journey and I have no control over another human being’s life.  Yeah, I say all those things to myself and I still want to put her in bubble wrap every time she leaves the house.

Katlyn will make adult messes, they all will.  I know that and I have some fabulous breathing exercises I’ve been working on.

Would be nice though if as I sent them out into the world I knew, like I did when they were little, that no matter what mess they came home with I could fix it with Spray n Wash.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  No shoes on the bed.

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