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I don’t watch football.  I know nothing about it.

I suppose if the need for categories comes up I am Christian.  I don’t go to church and as I’ve said before I have a sense of God and my spirit, but I don’t do organized religion.

All that being said, I continue to see Tim Tebow’s name so I Googled him.

He’s the quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  Something about the youngest Heisman Trophy winner.  He was home schooled and he’s quite outspoken about being a Christian.

I guess he makes a point to kneel and pray before every game and he paints Bible verses on his eye lids?  Not sure what that’s about but people and often professional athletes can be odd.

Pretty much everything else is about his playing style and his stats and…I just get drowsy.  Lately I have noticed spoofs about his religion or his comments about Jesus.  I’ve seen cartoons mocking him and his beliefs and here is what I wonder…

If Tebow were Jewish, devout in his beliefs and outspoken about the fact that he gets his strength from Judaism would the country or the football community feel comfortable raking this guy over the coals?

If he were black or an outspoken homosexual would that be fodder for jokes and what sometimes, at least to me, seem like cruel statements?  Any other religion, any other race or gender for that matter, would this be acceptable, even in football?

I don’t think it would and I’m fascinated.  I’m not particularly offended, because as I said I have no investment in football or Christianity, but I am a human being and it seems unfair and hurtful to take something so personal and rip it apart even if your religion is mainstream.

Tebow a pretty good looking, white, Christian football player.  Not a lot of organizations assigned to protect his rights, eliminate defamatory remarks or make sure he’s adequately represented in television shows.

I know football fans are…enthusiastic and while I don’t quite get it, I understand feeling passionately about something.  I also understand fun and having a sense of humor, but this seems to be a little off.

If it’s not okay to rip on every other religion, and in my opinion it shouldn’t be, then why is it alright to blatantly and without regard joke about this one man’s Christian beliefs?

It seems like he puts it right up in people’s faces and maybe if you watch football that’s annoying, but that still doesn’t warrant this reaction and lack of sensitivity.

Ugliness and discrimination are ugliness and discrimination.

Nasty hurtful remarks about someone’s private feelings or personal beliefs are nasty no matter what the religion.

We should be, we say we are, a country of tolerance.  Is that just for some people?

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Peace and Quiet.

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