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Tebow Jersey

I don’t watch football.  I know nothing about it. I suppose if the need for categories comes up I am Christian.  I don’t go to church and as I’ve said before I have a sense of God and my spirit, but I don’t do organized religion. All that being said, I continue to see Tim…

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Easter Boots

Today is Easter and we all went for a hike after breakfast. If you’re a Christian, you believe today is the day Jesus rose from the dead.  It is a time of renewal and celebration. If you’re not a Christian it is a beautiful Sunday in April that ushers in Spring.  It is a time…

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Holy Sheets!

The washing machine is fixed. It occurred to me that I never let anyone know the washing machine is fixed. I am back in business! Why are people drawn to organized religion. I have never been an organized religion type of person. Whatever that means. The Church and the idea that someone else gets me…

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