Holy Sheets!

The washing machine is fixed. It occurred to me that I never let anyone know the washing machine is fixed. I am back in business!

Why are people drawn to organized religion. I have never been an organized religion type of person. Whatever that means.

The Church and the idea that someone else gets me to God or my higher power has always freaked me out. I see a huge difference between spirituality, or my relationship with God and Religion. Religion seems to me like a great idea to organize and control the masses. Let’s tell them what to think and how to act and they will give us a portion of their money.

I know, gross generalization, but that is how I feel. Why do all churches or organized religions have a book store, or a big sign or banner? Why do people put little stickers on their car letting everyone know the church they belong to? Why is their a big billboard-like sign off the freeway on my way home that has rotating clever little quotes about God or Jesus? Some of my favorites are “Free Ticket to Heaven, inquire within!”, “Heaven, it is all who you know!” and “If you give Satan an inch, he’ll be a ruler”.

Do people not see through this crap? Religion is a business. Spirituality, or my relationship with God is not something that should build a new building in a strip-mall, or finance my pastor’s trip to California. I find the propaganda sickening and the snake oil salesmen that are passed off as spiritual leaders has hit an all time low.

I saw a sign the other day with what looked like Ken and Barbie and the phrase “Praise God with Us!” These two look like real estate salespeople. Is this what connecting with your soul has come to?

No, because religion as we know it today has nothing to do with connecting with God or Jesus. It is about networking, or finding a social group, or hooking up. And you know what, if people want to join groups and discuss God and Jesus, as well as their favorite reality show I have no problem. Except when one of them approaches me and says, “Have you found the Lord?” Go away!!! If I need to find the Lord, a neon sign will be the last place I look. That is all from the laundry room tonight.

Sweet Dreams!

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