Dish Gloves

I can understand why people become dishwashers.

I wash the dishes in my house and recently have discovered that I like it.  It’s simple and an achievable goal.  Two things not often found in my life.

There’s a pile of dirty dishes and once I’m done methodically washing and drying (of course I have a system and there’s a right way to wash dishes), wiping the counters, the dishes are clean.  No questions, no room for interpretation, the dishes are in fact clean and put away.

Despite the title of this post, I do not use gloves.  Those are for weenies.

The other great thing is that everyone has done dishes, so if you talk about it people know what the hell you’re saying.  If I tell someone I worked on a character sketch or I revised a chapter, I usually get a look that says, “That’s it?  How long does that take?  You spend your whole day making someone up?”

But if I say, “I did a boat load of dishes this morning.”  Instant acknowledgement.  Everyone knows what I’m talking about, everyone can relate, it’s tangible.

So few things in life are universally acknowledged and simple, agreeable.  We can all accept that dirty dishes have to be cleaned and everyone appreciates a clean kitchen.  No room for argument, it just is…I love that.

I suppose someone could argue as to the degree of cleanliness, but that person is annoying and not allowed in my life.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Wash your face.

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