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I’m new to sports.

Never had much of an interest in watching or participating. I mean I played tennis, but that was really only because it looked good on a college application.

I grew up believing that the arts were underfunded and sports was rampant with overpaid, glorified neanderthals.

One of the wonderful things about life is you are given experiences and exposure to people that help you learn and grow at every age.

My children are all athletic. It was a given they’d participate in a sport. Michael grew up participating in sports and races sailboats competitively as an adult. He’s always emphasized that our children would have a sport. A “life” sport as he puts it.

So, my children compete with each other and individually. A basketball game at my house is often a knock down drag out.

I used to look at them like they were aliens, but then a large part of our dinner conversation became dominated by crew regattas, swim meets and basketball. Everyone has their favorite teams. I really had no choice, so I listened.

Then my friend began asking me if I was watching this game, or that game. As if someone like me would ever watch a sports game…I mean really? But he kept going. “You should be watching this…incredible.” So, I started watching.

I watched the Super Bowl, really watched it, for the first time last year. I’ve watched the Bruins and the Celtics. My children have some sports pass thing, so every now and then I’ll watch bits and pieces.

I’m not a sports fan, I don’t own a jersey. I went to a Norte Dame game once as a teenager, but I’ve never been to a live sporting event as an adult.

I’ve started looking into this sports thing, I’ve asked questions and watched some documentaries. Here’s what I’ve learned so far…

Sports are universal.

Everyone feels them and they bring a people, a country together. They are rooted in hard work, pushing ourselves and overcoming obstacles.

We can’t all be Michael Jordan or the USA Hockey Team, but they are just like us. We see that in them.

We look at their struggle to win a game and we see our own struggle to get a job, find the strength. It’s deeper and more profound than I ever could have imagined.

My children and Andrew, for that matter, are rolling their eyes at my ability to make everything emotional, but it is.

The video above gave me goosebumps, I teared up at the looks on those men’s faces, and I couldn’t describe a single play that was made.

Oh, and the arts are still underfunded.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Suit Up.

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