Robes of Gold

It’s graduation week.

Katlyn will graduate from high school on Saturday, but before the actual ceremony, we attended a Baccalaureate Mass last night.

She goes to a Catholic High School. We’re not Catholic, so it makes for some interesting events and conversation.

After I got past Michael commenting that the lead up to communion took too long and he didn’t like the fact that the priest is the only one that drinks the wine, we had to process up the isle to receive the host (bread, cracker).

Everyone has to go up and if you’re not Catholic or not worthy, you just cross your hands in front of you and the priest or person doing the deal will bless you anyway.

It’s sort of a nice gesture.

“Even though you are not one of us, or you’ve been bad, we will still pray for you.” I crossed my hands and the priest blessed me. I was nervous. Odd.

There are so many things we do that are not necessarily part of our personal beliefs or our family traditions, but we do them for our children or because we see a greater good.

When I’m in different situations, I try to find the commonality or learn something. I look around a lot.

The church was lovely, although Michael had an issue because the alter was huge and there were no Bibles and why were the lights off in odd places?…he was raised Lutheran and makes way too many observations, but it really is good fun.

There’s a sense of community at Katlyn’s school that is quite wonderful and she has received an exceptional education. She’s been in some great theology classes and some down right scary ones. She has learned about the Catholic faith, but that’s kind of a side car.

I realize it was a religious mass and there were many people around us devote in their beliefs. I respect that, and while I don’t understand a lot of the ritual and business of being Catholic, I whole heartedly believe in every person’s right to take comfort and connect with God in their own way.

I sometimes look at church as a show, I know blaspheme, but it’s my blog.

A show with costumes and great monologues and there are moments during some shows when I have felt the presence of God.

I don’t dislike church. I enjoy listening to the sermons and the interesting commentary on life, as long as they don’t launch into areas that make me crazy, church and I get along.

The essence of this mass, I thought, should have been about all of our daughters moving on and the growth they’ve experienced in their four years at Xavier. Instead it was really sort of a jumbled presentation about being Catholic. It’s a Catholic School, so I understand it’s their prerogative, it should have been more.

If the show’s not good, if the sermon isn’t inspiring or the songs aren’t uplifting, all I’m left with is the awkwardness of the ritual.

But, Katlyn was with her community of friends and it was a beautiful night, and her spirit was everywhere. All in all, a great start to an important week.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Peace.

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