I like tradition, not in a weird conservative, never change even though something is based in ignorance or hurtful to others, but real tradition.

Happenings, ceremonies or routines that bond friends, a family, a culture, even a country.  I think that’s important.

Tradition has recently put a bad taste in some people’s mouths because, like so many other things, it’s wrapped up in the far right, conservative, religious crap.

As if they are the only people that appreciate tradition or any kind of values for that matter.

I think it’s important to remove certain things from that cesspool and reclaim them. Even for us crazy liberals.

Tradition is about seeing the value in something and making the effort, taking the time to keep things alive.

I recently listened to an NPR interview with Michelle Obama.  She has a book out, American Grown, about the White House Garden.  The interview is worth a listen and I learned some things.

Apparently, The White House has not had a garden since Eleanor Roosevelt started a Victory Garden.  Victory Gardens were big during and after World War II.  They promoted community and healthy eating, along with pride in our country’s home grown foods.

Mrs. Obama explains that when she started her initiative to get kids moving and making good food choices she wanted to bring back the garden.

She also said, in a moment of lovely humility, that as a working mother her kid’s pediatrician pulled her aside and told her she needed to start making healthier food choices.  She admits, like many working mothers, that she was on the grab and go food plan.

She mentions that her grandmother participated in a Victory Garden and all of their fruits and vegetables came from that garden while she was growing up.  She liked the tradition and community aspects of the garden and wanted that for The White House.

Mrs. Obama is also working to make fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible. Good cause.

I enjoyed the interview.  I’ve never been a “woo hoo” Michelle Obama fan, but this is great and I like what she brings to The White House.

I’m a Hillary Clinton fan.  I loved that she brought some grit to the position of First Lady, but I really like this too.  Women are wonderful and have a great deal to offer on all fronts.

So important that we pull basic human values out of the mess of politics, religion and outdated nonsense.  As a country, we must progress and learn from our mistakes, but there are certain things that should be brought back or remain.  They make up our fiber, everyone’s fiber.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Wash Up.

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