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Is it possible to be the CEO of Paypal and that’s just not enough? You’d still need to pad and pump yourself up bigger than you already are?

I guess so.

The CEO of Yahoo was recently fired for stating he had an accounting degree and a computer science degree when, in fact, he only had an accounting degree. So, he lied.

I’m assuming when you get to the level that you are applying for the CEO position at Yahoo that you’re pretty comfortable with your accomplishments.

Self promotion is a not easy. Well, it’s not easy for me. It may be rooted in some kind of insecurity, but whatever it is, I have a hard time tooting my horn. Sometimes I have a hard time finding my horn.

Your work should speak for itself, that’s what I’ve always thought, but if no one knows you, sees your work than no one can care.

I’ve done a resume before, I know how to put the schmoozy words together to make HR Manager duties sound like rocket science, but there’s a fine line.

Tooting is one thing, but you can’t invent the horn. It is tempting though because so much of our society is based on a certification or a diploma.

It’s a little troubling that the recently ousted CEO was implementing a well received rebirth for Yahoo. If he can do this who cares if that computer science degree was fiction? But…he lied and that’s not good.

I wonder if he’d just believed in his real qualifications and applied if he would have still been given the job?

Which came first the silly blanket job requirements, that really have nothing to do with a person’s ability to do a job, or the inflated resume?

My thoughts from the laundry room. Short Sheets.

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