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I was never good at science.  I prefer things with a…multitude of answers.  I specialize in the gray area, so I never paid attention in Biology.

Now that I’m an adult, I wonder about certain things and often turn to the Internet.

I know there are lots of useless and naughty things on the Internet, but when you’re stumped for who sang I’ve Been Through the Desert on a Horse with No Name (it’s America by the way) or wondering why Joaquin Phoenix appears to be the most interesting genetically constructed human being on the planet, the Internet is invaluable.

Recently I’ve been noticing people, the people in my family, people in the Starbucks, Joaquin, even the woman hiking much faster than I was down Squaw Peak this morning.

I’m distracted by how different we all are.

Not just the way we dress or the way we wear our hair, but different eyes, height, body shape, hands, the way we age, I’m tuned into it all lately.  It’s really quite amazing.

I was driving home today and found myself back in high school biology.  There was something about DNA and genetics back when I used to wear blue eyeliner.  I just know we looked at finger prints and talked about the body’s blueprint, but that’s the extent of my memory.

When I got home, I Googled.  And not just DNA or Biology, I Googled Biology for Dummies.

It turns out it’s all very scientific.  Joaquin’s stunning eyes are a culmination of genes and traits carried from generation to generation.  His clef pallet…genetic.  I looked up other sites and I’ll be honest, even as an adult, my eyes started to cross.

Science is interesting, but my mind switches to the allegorical pretty fast.   It seems like more than just chromosomes.

We’re all unique and made up of building blocks from our ancestors, walking collages of their traits and the traits before them.  We are carrying pieces of them with us and our future generations will carry pieces of us.  That’s why not one of us is the same, every journey is slightly different.

I’m struck by what a lovely image that is.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Snore.

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  1. Those are wonderful thoughts! We are all blessed to have our own self. The Glory of just being you ( me) . i love that.

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