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My favorite time of day is sunset.

I love sunrise too, but sunset speaks to me. It calms me and right before the day fades away, I reflect.

Of course it’s always welcome after a bad day, but every sunset, after every hard fought day, brings reflection.

We are driving to spend Thanksgiving with my mom and Gil.

My children are packed in and although they now fight over the iPod charger instead of crayons, they are my babies.

College attending, over six feet tall, sassy talking babies. They are all healthy and full of energy and a wild sense of humor.

The sun is setting on another Wednesday of my life. Dave just finished singing Lover Lay Down and life is good. I am ridiculously blessed.

Before all the insanity of life rushes back in, before Cotter asks if he can add one more thing to his Christmas list, I will take this moment. I am so thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

That’s all from the laundry room. Roll Around on the Rug.

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