Big Fluffy Socks

I’m sick and I just ate a bowl of frozen peas.  I microwaved them of course, but they really didn’t help.

I usually get sinus pressure, runny nose sick, but this one is chest cough, floating head, fully clothed in bed with socks on sick.  Miserable.

So, having to get up before I made a permanent indentation in the bed, I thought I’d write about what was on my sick mind.

Fascinating how every minute of every day is occupied either in thought or deed until…you get sick.  Once you’re down for the count, once you skip that one shower that makes you look, well homeless, everything goes out the window.  Suddenly things can wait, they have to.

Obviously there are days when things can’t wait even though you’re sick.  I’ve had to pay bills or even make presentations feeling like crap, but for the most part when I’m sick I can reschedule or put off for at least a couple of days.  Maybe none of it’s that important after all.

That report that yesterday you were hopping up and down about because you needed it within the hour…one “I’m sick” email and suddenly…”oh, no big deal when you can get it to me is fine.” Weird.  Maybe none of it is ever that urgent. Pretty sure it could all wait a day or two.  Well, maybe not the IRS, they don’t seem very patient even if you’re sick.

But, for the most part people are always nicer to you when you’re sick.  If I were to email someone that I needed to reschedule because I …slept late, really needed to clean my house, or just didn’t feel up to meeting them today, that would be unacceptable, but the minute you say “sick” everything changes.

Maybe that’s why so many people do that pathetic fake sick voice when they call into work because the weather was just too beautiful for the office.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Back to Bed.

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  1. Hehe…that one shower that makes you look homeless…classic. Yup, that’s what I’ve always thought. Once you are at that point, it’s all over! Hope you feel better soon!

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