Driving Jacket

I’m not a good driver.

I’m easily distracted.  I talk with others, or to myself, I sing, I look around and I’m forever finding myself lost.  I forget to drive, to focus on the road, and get where I’m going.

Life is a journey, to be enjoyed in reflection, only if you reach a destination.  If I am forever wandering around, giving directions to others or just daydreaming I will never get where I want, need, to be.

Even Thoreau is Thoreau because he wrote Walden and Civil Disobedience.  If he’d never reached the destination, if he was just a cool looking guy with a bunch of journals he wouldn’t be Thoreau.

Maybe his life would still be a journey, I suppose every life is a journey.  But, if his goal was to observe and then touch people with his words, instigate thought or change, at some point even the ultimate wanderer needs to learn direction.  He needs to drive his car, focus on his road and arrive at the destination, right?

Driving is tricky and life is trickier.  The journey always gets the attention, the flowery quotes, but I’m starting to think the destination is where it’s at.  Maybe my car is too big, maybe I need a motorcycle.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Get to Bed.

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