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Nothing to write today, but it is well past time for a blog post.  I will dig into the word bank and find some inspiration.  The word for this post is…amuse.  Hmm…here we go.

Amuse – to find something funny or entertaining.

I truly believe I could entertain myself anywhere.  I suppose my blog reflects much of my life’s amusement.

When Maggie was in the hospital, at age eleven, she cracked up her neurosurgeon right before her surgery by asking, “Are you sure you’re going to close up my skull properly?  I don’t want to be chewing something one day, hit the wrong tooth, and have my head pop open.”  When the surgeon assured her she could guarantee that would not happen, Maggie was ready to go.  Being able to find the amusement in intracranial surgery is pretty impressive.

Maybe that’s the best amusement, taking the ugly out of something and finding the funny.  Funny helps with so many things, it can abate fear, sadness, give you courage.  Funny can make people more genuine, real.  A person belly laughing is about as unguarded as it gets.

Finding the funny is one of the most important things a parent can teach their child.  It’s essential to coping.  Without it life can be overwhelming.  I always know things are becoming too much for my teenagers when they lose their sense of humor, their ability to amuse themselves.

I don’t find everything funny.  While Maggie used her fabulous wit in a tough situation, her surgery was not funny for me and even though she made me laugh, fear beat me that day.  But it really wasn’t about me, so if funny helped her close those precious eyes and tackle something that would cause most adults to cower, then funny won.

Amusement is personal.  That’s why when someone gets your sense of humor, sees the funny in the same quirky thing you do, it’s pretty special.  If you get someone’s funny, you probably get them.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Amusing Bedtime Story.

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