Rough Water

I wasn’t going to write about this, but my question needs to be asked, so here goes…

I’m confused about the George Zimmerman verdict.  To my knowledge, this man was investigated the night of and following the tragic incident.  Police made the determination, after reviewing the facts, that Zimmerman was overzealous, didn’t follow the directions of the 911 operator, but that the horrible shooting of Trayvon Martin was a senseless act of self defense.

Again to my knowledge, that was not acceptable to the community.  Outrage ensued, a police chief was terminated, George Zimmerman was eventually charged with 2nd degree murder, and a trial date was set.  Zimmerman was then tried by a judge and a jury of US Citizens vetted and selected by both the defense and the prosecution.  This jury was presented with all evidence and asked to determine a verdict.  They returned a verdict of non-guilty.

Regardless of the verdict, this was an awful, unneeded confrontation that ended in a young man losing his life.  I’m still reading stories of outrage, which I suppose are people not agreeing with the verdict.  I can understand differing options, although I do wonder if many of those opinions were presented with the same information and instruction as the jury.  I know I don’t have all that information, but I’ll set that aside.

People disagree with the verdict and are still upset this young man lost his life.  So many young men lose their lives every year, but something about Trayvon Martin’s story has struck a cord and people feel passionately one way or the other.  I can understand that.

Here’s where my confusion begins…Justice for Trayvon.

What does that mean?  Is this a cry for changes to the legal system?

The man that shot him was arrested, in spite of an investigation that said otherwise.  He was tried, found non-guilty based on the laws of our courts.  What more is there to do?  What would justice be and more disturbingly important who’s job is it now to hand down that justice?

It is certainly understandable that people would disagree with a verdict.  Lord knows I’ve wondered why a jury chose one way or another, but that’s opinion.  I’m sure Trayvon’s family and friends are devastated by the loss and pain they will now carry.  But, the law or sending a person to prison can not be based on pain, emotion or opinion, it has to be based on the facts as they are presented.  Right?  So when these rallies are calling for justice, what are they looking for?

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Hard to Sleep.

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  1. good point and question concerning what justice they actually are seeking. in all honesty i think they are confusing justice with the fact that they just want what they want done. the reason he was found not guilty is because of the far reaching “reasonable doubt”.

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